A Vision for the Lackawanna River

The work we are accomplishing as a community through the Lackawanna River Conservation Association, the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority, The Rail Trail Council of Northeast Pennsylvania and many other local, state, and federal agencies, businesses and individuals offers a vision for the future of the Lackawanna Valley.

We see a revitalized river flowing with clean water, bounded by park lands, natural areas, attractive residential neighborhoods, industrial and commercial sites with good paying jobs, vibrant main streets and downtown areas.  We see this set in a valley with green ridge tops with protected natural areas and open space preserves meeting upland watershed lands well managed for forest stewardship and water supply resource needs.

We see new well planned neighborhoods set into a restored landscape where culm dumps, strip mines and superfund sites are a thing of the past.

We see new smart growth industries offering rewarding employment to our younger citizens, producing products which are environmentally sustainable for local use and export worldwide. 

We see our neighbors, our senior citizens, our children working together to care for our community's natural resources, living, working and sharing a commitment to this place, our home, the Lackawanna River and its watershed.

We see this today and with increasing interest, we see our shared vision becoming a more evident reality as the new century challenges us to realize the interconnectedness of our community within the global village.