Wonderful World of Water Day Camp
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July 1, 2018 Registration Open!!!        Registration ends August 1, 2018 

The Wonderful World of Water Day Camp is a collaboration between the Pennsylvania American Water Company and the Lackawanna River Conservation Association to conduct a day camp around the theme of water for children in the 7 through 11 age ranges on August 6 to 9, 2018.  The four day camp will be conducted from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM each day at the Valley Community Library and the adjacent Blakely Borough Recreation Complex along the Lackawanna River in Peckville, Pa., through additional collaboration with the Library Association and the Borough of Blakely.

The Wonderful World of Water Day Camp Curriculum includes an introduction to watersheds, their values and functions, an introduction to water habitat and water quality and the ways that the human community generates water pollution and the practices used to prevent pollution and manage adverse impacts to water.

The Valley Community Library and adjacent Blakely Borough Recreational Complex lie along a one mile reach of the Lackawanna River noted as a class “A” fishery for native brown trout.  The library offers assembly space and lavatory facilities and education activity space inside in the advent of inclement weather.  The Recreational Complex offers an open picnic/assembly pavilion with nearby porta-lav units; and importantly, access to several thousand linear feet of the river for several types of educational activities including water quality sampling; aquatic habitat assessment and macroinvertebrate sampling; understanding riparian functions and looking at the role of the river and watershed in relationship to the human community and culture.

LRCA welcomes this opportunity to collaborate with Pennsylvania American Water to produce a shared environmental education program for the children of the Lackawanna River Watershed and nearby areas of Northeast Pennsylvania served by Pennsylvania American Water. 

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