Current River Conditions
River & Dam Levels in the Lackawanna River Watershed

June 2019

Lackawanna River Conditions

Archbald gage
Supplied by USGS: Maximum recordable gage height (stage sensor operational limit) - 19.2 ft; Data transmitter operational limit - 20.4 ft;
Supplied by NWS: Action stage-6.2 ft; Flood stage-8 ft; Moderate flood stage-9 ft; Major flood stage-10 ft

Leggetts Creek gage
Supplied by NWS: Action stage-6 ft; Flood stage-7.5 ft, Water begins to exit channel banks in areas near Parker Street outside of flood control structures; Moderate flood stage-8 ft, Sections of Scranton near Parker Street outside of flood control bank protection begin to get impacted by flood waters; Major flood stage-9.5 ft; Leggetts Creek

Old Forge gage
Supplied by NWS: Action stage-7 ft; Flood stage-11 ft, some roadways near the Lackawanna River in Old Forge and Moosic begin to be affected; Moderate flood stage-13 ft, water begins to affect some homes and businesses on both sides of river; Major flood stage-16 ft, many homes and businesses begin to be affected at this level.

The Lackawanna Watershed is located within four northeastern Pennsylvania counties: western Wayne, southeastern Susquehanna, central Lackawanna, and northeastern Luzerne.

Flow for the main stem of the River originates from releases at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District controlled Stillwater Dam, which receives water from the East and West branches of the Lackawanna River.  Additional flows enter the River from approximately 65 tributary streams, including major tributaries such as: Fall Brook, Rush Brook, Aylesworth Creek, Leggetts Creek, Roaring Brook, Spring Brook and Mill Creek (for more info on these and other tributary streams, check out Appendix C of the Lackawanna River Conservation Plan).

Graphical water flow information regarding Stillwater Dam and Aylesworth Dam is available from the USACE Baltimore District.  Information on the River's level and discharge are available by accessing data from the four USGS streamflow gaging stations on the main stem of the Lackawanna River at Forest City, Archbald, Leggets Creek and Old Forge.